Can I save money and do my own Legionella Risk Assessment?

The simple answer is yes.  What’s more, in some circumstances we would advise that you do!

So now you may be asking yourself why we offer a Legionella Risk Assessment service and why would you pay us to do it for you?  This is really the important question.

The regulations require that those completing the risk assessment must be competent.  This means you must have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to do the job properly.  You do not need any specific qualifications but you must:

  • understand the hazards and risks;
  • know how exposure of people to substances hazardous to health can occur;
  • have the ability (and authority) to collect all the necessary information;
  • have the knowledge, skills and experience to make the right decisions about how to control exposure.

If you get it wrong you could face criminal prosecution and civil liabilities from those affected.

We know that the majority of reputable landlords have better things to do with their time than study the latest guidance and regulations.  Instead, our assessors are trained and experienced in the field ensuring that they are competent to do this for you.  They also undergo regular Continuing Professional Development and Quality Assurance monitoring to ensure that the assessments they complete are accurate.  As such, you can be sure that both you and your tenants are receiving the most accurate and up-to-date advice available.

Additionally, we are fully insured for the services we provide just in case anything should ever go wrong.

However, we don’t believe in delivering services that are not required.  Therefore, we are happy to explain how you can conduct regular reviews of the risk assessment yourself.  Once we have provided an initial assessment and report, you can keep it under regular review yourself.  You can then contact us again to conduct a reassessment if you think it might need updating, especially if your situation changes.  Indeed, many of our clients contact us regularly to reassess properties just to make sure that nothing has changed or needs updating.

In summary, it is a professional service you are purchasing, not just a written report.

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