Do I have to complete the improvements agreed in a Section 63 Action Plan?

Once a Section 63 Action Plan is finalised, the building owner can chose to either make the improvements or to defer the improvements by reporting operational energy ratings via a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) on an annual basis.

If you choose to complete the improvements immediately you will have a period of 42 months (three and a half years) from the date of the Action Plan to complete the works.  This period allows for the processes involved in obtaining any necessary Building Warrant.  Once complete your action plan must be updated by an accredited Section 63 Assessor to confirm the work has been completed.

If you choose to defer you must continue to obtain a DEC annually until the the works are completed.  If you miss a renewal deadline or fail to obtain a DEC then the action plan must be completed within the initial 42 month period.  If you have already deferred 42 months you may immediately be in default and subject to a penalty charge notice from the local authority.

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