I own my own home, should I get a Legionella Risk Assessment completed?

There is not normally a legal requirement for you to have a Legionella Risk Assessment on your own home.  However, you would require one if any of the following apply:

  • You rent all or part of your home out to tenants, lodgers or paying guests;
  • You use all or part of your home for business purposes where the Health and Safety at Work Act applies; or
  • You otherwise have a legal duty of care to protect others present at the property which requires risk assessments to be completed.

However, Legionella bacteria do not care if you own your home or rent it.  If the water systems are not properly maintained Legionella bacteria can grow and exposure could result in Legionellosis.  Having a Legionella Risk Assessment completed will help you protect your family and minimise your risk of infection.  It can also help you plan appropriate maintenance of your system and identify improvements you can make.

You may particularly wish to consider having an assessment completed on your own home in the following situations:

  • You have just purchased a new home that has not been recently assessed;
  • You have very high risk equipment present (particularly hot tubs, whirlpool baths, spa pools, swimming pools, sauna, steam rooms etc); or
  • Members of your family are at high risk (e.g. those over 50, babies and children and those with weakened immune systems).
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