What do we need to do during an ESOS assessment?

For your ESOS assessment you will need to:

Appoint a lead assessor

You need to appoint a Lead Assessor to carry out and oversee or review your energy audits and overall ESOS assessment.  Lead Assessors can be employees or external contractors as long as they are members of an approved professional body register.

Calculate your total energy consumption

This is the energy used by assets held or activities carried out by your organisation or group. This includes the energy consumed by buildings, industrial processes and transport.

Identify your areas of significant energy consumption

This is the energy used by assets held, or activities carried out, by your organisation that account for at least 90% of your total energy consumption. Once you have completed this you need to:

  • Find out whether ISO 50001, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) or Green Deal Assessments (GDAs) cover any of your areas of significant energy consumption.
  • Identify whether ESOS compliant energy audits have been, or need to be, carried out for the areas of significant energy consumption not covered by ISO 50001, DECs or GDAs.
  • As long as 90% of your total energy consumption is covered, you can use a mix of approaches with some of your energy consumption covered by ISO 50001; some by DECs or GDAs and some by ESOS energy audits.  You will need to discuss your approach with your Lead Assessor.

Notify the Environment Agency

You need to submit your ESOS notification of compliance to the Environment Agency when you have undertaken an ESOS assessment and are compliant with your obligations.

The notification deadline was 5 December 2015 for the first cycle and every 4 years afterwards.  If you miss a deadline then your must notify the Environment Agency and submit your notification as soon as possible.

Keep records

You need to keep records of how you have complied with ESOS in an evidence pack. There is no set format for this but your Lead Assessor will be able to help you compile this.

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