Domestic EPC Exemption Letters

Some domestic buildings are not required to have an Energy Performance Certificate.  However, there can be occasions where you may need documentary evidence to prove this.  Common examples include claiming the feed-in-tariff for a new renewable installation connected to an exempt building.

Rowleys Commercial Energy Assessment Limited are able to provide Domestic EPC Exemption Letters, documents which can be used for this purpose.  This is a specialist service that does not fall within the role of a standard energy assessor.  As a result, our assessors involved with this service hold additional insurance and have received additional training to provide these letters.  This is very important to our clients as the potential losses from wrongly stating an exemption can be very substantial.

In order to write an Exemption Letter the grounds for the exemption will need to be established and proven.  An experienced assessor will also have to visit the site and review the building to confirm details relating to the exemption.

Please Note: Claiming an exemption is not necessarily straight forward. We would always advise clients that this route should only be used where compliance is genuinely not possible.  Exemption Letters should never be seen as an easy route to compliance, a way to circumvent current regulations or as a cheap alternative to compliance.

For further information or advice please contact our team.

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