BRUKL Calculations (Non-Domestic)

BRUKL (Building Regulations United Kingdom Part L) calculations are used to predict the energy efficiency of new buildings.  If you are constructing a new non-domestic building in the UK you will need to have BRUKL calculations completed by an accredited energy assessor in order to obtain an EPC on completion of your property.  You may also require BRUKL calculations for an extension depending upon its size and nature.  If you are unsure if you require calculations for an extension then please contact us or your building control officer to discuss this.

For new non-domestic buildings, a BRUKL calculation and a Predicted EPC should be submitted to building control before construction work is started.  However, we often find clients only discover that they need BRUKL calculations at the end of their project, once the building has been constructed.  This is not the way the system is intended to work. Leaving it this late can also make compliance much more difficult and expensive.  If your building requires improvements to meet the minimum energy standards required, you may find you have to redo parts of the construction to retrofit improvements.  Involving us early in the project (at the design phase) can not only prevent this but also save you money.  Our experienced assessors can help advise you, helping you comply in the most efficient manner for your specific building. 

A BRUKL calculation for a new commercial, industrial or agricultural building is a desktop exercise.  The client or their designer submits drawings, plans and specifications of the development to the accredited assessor for use in the calculations. It is recommended that the BRUKL calculation is undertaken early in the design process, this will help to prevent any costly redesign of the building.

A full BRUKL calculation will usually involve 4 key stages:

  1. As Designed (Draft)
  2. As Designed (Final)
  3. As Built (Draft)
  4. As Built (Final)

Building Regulations are an area of legislation that has now been devolved in the United Kingdom to each of the different administrations.  At the moment the rules in England and Wales are essentially the same, however different rules and systems apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Additionally, some areas have additional requirements as part of the planning process.  Here at Rowleys Commercial Energy Assessment Limited, our assessors are used to working with your building control officer to help you through this complex process wherever your building is located.

Our assessment team usually use SBEM to model your building and produce your reports.  However, we can also arrange for Dynamic Simulation Modelling to be completed if this level of design is required or requested.

The cost of BRUKL calculations can vary significantly depending of the size and complexity of your project.  Please contact us for a quotation supplying as much information about your project as you can.  We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.

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