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In collaboration with Sterling Accreditation, this programme is for experienced non-domestic energy assessors to become accredited to provide Display Energy Certificates (DECs).  Developed in response to the implementation of Section 63 Action Plans, this programme is primarily aimed at those wishing to practice in Scotland.  Accordingly, it focuses on the legal requirements in Scotland which are different to those in England and Wales.

DECs are now required by businesses wishing to defer their Section 63 Action Plan under the requirements of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 which took effect on 1st September 2016.


Programme Outline

 This programme is structured into the following key stages:

  1. Complete an application form and return it to Northern Energy Training.
  2. Confirm your course dates and submit your payment of fees.
  3. Once payment is received, you will be provided with access to the pre-course materials online so that you can begin to prepare your evidence portfolio.
  4. Complete the two day DEC APEL training. During this course you should complete your evidence portfolio.
  5. Your portfolio will be assessed and, once acceptable, passed to Sterling Accreditation for registration.

Your paperless evidence portfolio is prepared online through our new web training portal where you will also find materials to support you through the process.


This programme is only open to accredited Energy Assessors who have been practicing in any of the following areas for at least two years:

  • Non-Domestic Energy Assessment;
  • Air Conditioning Energy Assessment; and/or
  • Non-Domestic Green Deal Advice.

Ideally you will hold a relevant formal qualification but all candidates are required to provide satisfactory evidence that they have been actively practicing and submitting assessments to the relevant National Register.

You will also have to provide evidence of having completed a site visit for an energy assessment within the last 12 months. This evidence needs to demonstrate the safe and systematic collection of data and include site notes, floor plans, photos, calculations and a risk assessment as you would typically provide for an audit.

Expected Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme candidates will have demonstrated the competency standards required for admission to the National Register for the completion of Display Energy Certificates.  Providing satisfactory professional standards are maintained they will gain approval through Sterling Accreditation.

Price: £790

Our price includes 2 days training/assessment, the Sterling Accreditation APEL application fee, assessment and verification of your evidence portfolio with full professional support to guide you through the process.

Further Information

For details of upcoming course dates and venues visit our course listing - click here.

If you require additional information then please contact our team.


Our unique two day course is designed to build upon your prior knowledge and experience and equip you with the skills you will need to safely and effectively undertake DEC assessments.

Day 1 covers an introduction to the methodology for operational ratings, data processing, the ORCalc software, production of certificates and advisory reports and audit requirements.

Day 2 focuses on developing your evidence portfolio including the completion of the three required DEC simulations to demonstrate your competence.

Please Note: You will need a working laptop for the course that you can install the ORCalc software onto.

We provide all applicants with pre-course resources to help you make the most of your course and to ensure you can produce a portfolio to demonstrate your prior experience and competence. You are required to complete some short tasks prior to attending the course.

This includes background reading and guidance to help you prepare the evidence you need to submit from a site visit you have already conducted for another energy assessment within the last 12 months.

By collating this evidence prior to attending the course you should be able to complete your APEL portfolio by the end of the course. This will speed up the assessment process and help you obtain accreditation faster.

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