Display Energy Certificate (DEC)

A Display Energy Certificate or DEC is a legal document designed to show how efficiently energy is being used in a building.  They look similar to the more common Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) but whilst the EPC focuses on how efficient a building is based upon its construction, a DEC assesses how well energy use is managed.  They show a rating on a scale from ‘A’ (the most efficient) to ‘G’ (the least efficient).

Display Energy Certificates are used to promote good energy management by organisations and are mandatory for many public buildings like hospitals, academies, museums and council offices in England & Wales.  A DEC is usually accompanied by an Advisory Report (AR), due to be renamed as a Recommendation Report (RR), which makes suggestions as to how energy can be used more efficiently by the organisation.

To find out more about obtaining a Display Energy Certificate – click here.

To find out more about training to produce Display Energy Certificates – click here.

DEC Example
An example Display Energy Certificate (DEC)
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