Level 3 Diploma in Operational Ratings (DipOR)

The ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Operational Ratings allows those wishing to produce Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Advisory Reports (ARs) for public buildings to register with an Accreditation Scheme. This will allow them to be accredited as Display Energy Certificate Assessors (DECAs).

Buildings that require a DEC by law have a total floor area greater than 250m2, be occupied in whole or part by public authorities or by institutions providing a service to the public, and frequently visited by the public. These buildings need to display a current Display Energy Certfifcate (DEC) and have available a current Advisory Report (AR).  Other buildings can have a DEC voluntarily and there are often significant benefits for the organisation of having these.

Unlike Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), DECs and ARs are produced using an Operational Rating (OR) based on energy usage in the preceding year.  The reflect the way energy is actually being used and the management processes in place to maintain energy efficiency by the organisation occupying the building.

Here at Northern Energy Training, we also offer this qualification in combination with other non-domestic qualifications including those for Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Air Conditioning Energy Inspections.  Please contact our team for further information.

Programme Outline

The Level 3 Diploma in Operational Ratings course includes full training in the operational ratings (OR) methodology and in the use of the government approved ORCalc software.  This software is free to use (subject to licence conditions) and is used to produce Display Energy Certifcate (DECs) and Advisory Reports (AR) which can be lodged on the National Register.

All candidates must also assemble a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their competence in the role of DEC Assessor.  This portfolio needs to include DECs for at least two real buildings in addition to the simulation provided during the course.  Each candidate is assigned to an assessor to guide them through this process and evaluate their competence against the National Occupancy Standards (NOS).

Course format:

  • One day induction covering the legislative background, an introduction to the OR methodology and details of how to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence, along with ORCalc software training including the conventions of data collection and entry.
  • One day training on construction of buildings and the services within them. This will enable DEC assessors to recognise the construction types and building services found in commercial buildings.
  • Three to five weeks working remotely with the guidance of an assessor to assemble the portfolio of evidence.
  • Final assessment of the portfolio.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.  However, candidates are most likely to be successful if they have:

  • A good working knowledge of mathematics;
  • A good level of literacy with proficiency in the English Language;
  • A sound working knowledge of computers including familiarity with Windows 7 or later, an internet browser and an office package; and
  • Some familiarity with the construction of buildings and building services.

Expected Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme candidates will have demonstrated their competency in meeting the requirements of the National Occupational Standards for producing Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports.

Price: Please call for information

Our price includes training, ABBE registration, assessment and verification of your evidence portfolio with full professional support to guide you through the process.

Further Information

For details of upcoming course dates and venues visit our course listing - click here.

If you require additional information then please contact our team.

FAQ: Level 3 Diploma in Operational Ratings (DipOR)

No, there are no examinations required to complete this programme.

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