Level 4 Diploma in Air Conditioning Energy Assessment (DipACEA)

All air conditioning systems with an effective output of 12kW or more must be regularly inspected by an accredited Air Conditioning Energy Assessor. In accordance with the current regulations, these inspections must be conducted no more than 5 years apart.  New systems must be inspected within five years of first being installed.  Those wishing to conduct these assessments must be qualified, competent and currently registered with a government approved Accreditation Scheme.  The Level 4 Diploma in Air Conditioning Energy Assessment (CertACEA) qualification allows you to demonstrate your competence in this field to be able to register with an Accreditation Scheme.

Programme Outline

The Level 4 Certificate in Air Conditioning Energy Assessment programme begins with an initial face to face course over four days.  This includes an induction covering the legislative background and details of how to assemble the portfolio of evidence combined with training on assessing air conditioning systems and report writing.

This is followed by three to six weeks working remotely with the guidance of an assessor to complete your portfolio of evidence.  During this period you will need to complete a number of inspections of different installations to demonstrate your competence with a range of different system types.  You will need to arrange these site visits yourself.  Once complete, your portfolio will undergo assessment and internal verification before being external verification in completed.

To complete this programme you will also have to successfully complete an external examination set by ABBE.  This can be undertaken at approved test centres nationwide, the same centres that conduct driving theory assessments for the DVLA.  Your first two attempts at this examination are included in the course fees and, once completed successfully, you will be provided with a certificate to include in your evidence portfolio.

The following system types are covered in this course:

  • Unitary packaged systems;
  • Single split packaged systems;
  • Multi-split packaged systems;
  • Simple variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems;
  • Complex (multiple external) VRF/VRV plant;
  • Air handling unit based system; and
  • Chilled water-based systems with terminal units system.

In all cases you will also cover the different types of indoor units (including floor, wall and ceiling mounted units) and their controls (including self-contained on-board controls for temperature and time).


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.  However, candidates are most likely to be successful if they have:

  • A good working knowledge of mathematics;
  • A good level of literacy with proficiency in the English Language;
  • A good understanding of scientific principles including basic thermodynamics;
  • A sound working knowledge of computers including familiarity with Windows 7 or later, an internet browser and an office package; and
  • Some familiarity with the construction of buildings and building services.

Please Note:  This programme is of high academic and technical demand.  Candidates are often more successful completing the Level 3 Certificate course and gaining practical experience as a Level 3 assessor prior to upgrading to Level 4.

Expected Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme candidates will have demonstrated their competency in meeting the requirements of the National Occupational Standards for an Air Conditioning Energy Assessor (ACEA) for Level 3 & 4 systems.

Price: £4400

Our price includes training, ABBE registration, examination fees (up to two attempts), assessment and verification of your evidence portfolio with full professional support to guide you through the process.

Further Information

For details of upcoming course dates and venues visit our course listing - click here.

If you require additional information then please contact our team.

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