Level 4 Diploma in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment (DipNDEA)

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ABBE Level 4 Diploma in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment

Energy Assessors wishing to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for newly-constructed and more complex existing commercial buildings will need to gain this qualification. This will allow you to be accredited as a Level 4 Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA). All buildings now require an EPC when built, sold or let to a new tenant.

A Level 4 NDEA is able to assess new buildings from plans for Building Control purposes, including producing Building Regulation Compliance Checks for Part L (BRUKL) and EPC’s of new buildings on completion. It should be noted that all new buildings, irrespective of their heating systems, are deemed to be Level 4 complexity.

In addition a Level 4 NDEA is able to assess existing buildings with more complex heating systems including Single Duct and Dual Duct VAV Systems, Indoor Packaged Cabinet, Fan Coil and Induction Systems, Constant Volume, Multizone, Terminal Reheat and Dual Duct Constant Volume, Chilled Ceilings, Passive and Active Chilled Beams and Water Loop Systems.

Course format

Option A – 5 days for new entrants cost
Option B – 2 days for existing Level 3 Non Domestic Energy Assessors

Induction covering the legislative background, and details of how to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence.

Training on building construction and services, to enable Assessors to recognise the construction types and building services found in typical commercial buildings.

Non Domestic Energy Assessment training covering the conventions for collecting data and how to enter data into government-approved iSBEM 4.1e software. Software training includes selecting appropriate building types, entering construction types, creation of zones, selecting and entering Building Services Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Hot Water Systems (HWS), entering renewable systems including Photovoltaic Systems (PVS), Solar Energy Systems (SES) and Wind Turbines, Lighting Systems and controls, editing Recommendations and Calculating EPC Ratings

The ABBE Level 4 Diploma in Non Domestic Energy Assessment requires you to carry out Non Domestic Energy Assessment surveys on Two existing buildings and to produce One BRUKL and EPC for a new build from given plans and specifications, to include:-

  • High Street or other retail
  • Low Rise Shallow, Deep Plan or Other Industrial
  • Medium or High Rise (3+ storeys)

Note: The above list is typical and other building types may be acceptable by agreement prior to production of portfolio evidence.

Within the three types of building above the following HVAC systems must be covered at least once:-

  • Substantially Air Conditioned (all air or air/water) (e.g. Constant Volume Systems, Fan Coil Systems, Roof packaged Units)
  • Substantially Air Conditioned (DX/other) (e.g. VRF/VRV systems with centralised ventilation)
  • Mixed Mode (designed) (e.g. with operable mixed mode ventilation systems – this will be incorporated into the off plan project)
  • Centralised Heating System with MTHW/HTHW (e.g. 121oC + operating temperature)

Note: examples of each type of system are only given for indicative purposes, other systems will also be applicable

Four to eight weeks working remotely with the guidance of a Qualification Assessor to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence.

Final assessment of the Portfolio.

There are no examinations with these programmes

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