What do I need to do prior to attending the DEC APEL course?

We provide all applicants with pre-course resources to help you make the most of your course and to ensure you can produce a portfolio to demonstrate your prior experience and competence. You are required to complete some short tasks prior to attending the course.

This includes background reading and guidance to help you prepare the evidence you need to submit from a site visit you have already conducted for another energy assessment within the last 12 months.

By collating this evidence prior to attending the course you should be able to complete your APEL portfolio by the end of the course. This will speed up the assessment process and help you obtain accreditation faster.

What does the DEC APEL training course cover?

Our unique two day course is designed to build upon your prior knowledge and experience and equip you with the skills you will need to safely and effectively undertake DEC assessments.

Day 1 covers an introduction to the methodology for operational ratings, data processing, the ORCalc software, production of certificates and advisory reports and audit requirements.

Day 2 focuses on developing your evidence portfolio including the completion of the three required DEC simulations to demonstrate your competence.

Please Note: You will need a working laptop for the course that you can install the ORCalc software onto.

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